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A Dancing Maenad
This sculpture shows maenads who are mythological women who live with the God of wine Dionysos on mountains . Maenads are individuals who enjoy to sing and dance in their free time.

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"A Fresco from the Roman town of Pompeii in the Villa di Guilia Felice."

A Roman Gold Coin
This picture shows the Empress Faustina II who was successful in creating gold coins that illustrate the appearances and outfits of Roman women.

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"Marble head of Empress Agrippina, wife of Emperor Claudius"

The personification of an allegorical figure of Faith.

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Commiato dei santi Pietro e Paolo, Messina Museo Regionale (Description from

Photograph of American Army Chaplains inspecting the ruins of a Roman arena where Christian martyrs were thrown to lions.

"Carthage, Tunisia. American Army chaplains inspecting the ruins of the Roman arena where Christian martyrs were thrown to the lions. The altar later erected on the site had been used as a bivouac by German troops"

Photograph of the present-day condition of a Roman Arena in Arles, France. Photograph taken in 2006.


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