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Oil on canvas


According to legend, Saint Barbara was executed by her heathen father, Dioscorus, when she refused to recant her Christian faith. Luxuriously dressed, she seems here to calmly accept her fate as she kneels before Dioscorus, who raises his sword to…

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Terracotta depiction of two Gladiators in combat dressed the same way. One Gladiator is using a circular shield while the other one is using a square shield.

Wing Brooch
This picture shows the brooch that the Roman women wore on shoulders for robes. This brooch was useful in making robes look delicate.

perpetua and felicitas arena.jpg
Amphitheatre at Carthage (Tunis, Tunisia)

Commiato dei santi Pietro e Paolo, Messina Museo Regionale (Description from

A Dancing Maenad
This sculpture shows maenads who are mythological women who live with the God of wine Dionysos on mountains . Maenads are individuals who enjoy to sing and dance in their free time.

A drawing of Perpetua and Felicitas cowering from a Bull in the arena.

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