Artists' Representation on Martyrdom


"Allegorical Figure of Faith" by Giovanni Battista Gaulli 


"Figure of Religion" by Eugène Delacroix


"La muerte de Séneca" by Manuel Domínguez Sánchez


There have been many artists in the past who have been influenced by these martyrs from our collections.  By painting or drawing these martyrs through various depictions, it provides a way for people to remember them for their faith and their sacrifice.  In this picture, we see a representation of faith from this woman carrying a cross on her left side and the the Eucharist with her right hand.  This drawing depicts the way of how folks to remind people that God is always there and that faith will never fail.  



The next image is a bit similar as it shows another symbolic figure, but with a different object in the figure's hand.  This particular item of the flaming heart resembles how this person's faith and dedication to the Lord is very strong.  The figure seems to be looking downward in order to be an example for the people below who have lost their faiths.  


This last one is a painting of the death of Séneca, who commited suicide because he was accused of treason against the emperor.  His death represents the theme of sacrifice from how this man was willing to give up his life for his beliefs.  People cannot help but sympathize Séneca as they see his friends surrounding the body as they mourn for him.  Another factor in this artwork is from the lighting and shadows in that the shadows surround the friends expresses their sadness, while the light that shines on the dead man depicts his soul going up to Heaven.  

Artists' Representation on Martyrdom