Roman Artifacts

Bronze sestertius of Trajan.jpg

Bronze Roman Coin

A.D. 104

This coin is an example of the advancements of Roman Society. It exhibits their centralized government along with their ability to do metalwork. Showing a clear sign of advancement within the society. Furthermore, this depiction of Trajan is a perfect example of how roman culture would idealise images which is important for understanding Christianity 

Gold aureus of Hadrian.jpg

Gold Roman Coin

A.D. 134–138

This coin serves to further prove the aforementioned point of Roman Metal Work. Furthermore, in this depiction of Hadrian, a clear wreath can be seen depicted around his head. This is especially important, considering that Jesus is often depicted wearing a wreath of thorns. It is in fact mentioned in the translated readings of Perpetua and Felicitas, the importance of the wreath imagery.

Roman Artifacts