Welcome!  This is the Omeka site for Prof. Caroline T. Schroeder's Introduction to Digital Humanities class.  We will be creating an online exhibit related to the text, The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas.

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Zliten mosaic (full)

DH PF 2.jpg

A 573 cm × 397 cm (18 ft 10 in × 13 ft 0 in) Mosaic found in Libya in 1913 in the Villa Dar Buk Ammera. Four depictions of gladiators in the arena.…

Saint Peter

Pope Peter.jpg

Saint Peter as Pope—here shown with the pallium and the Keys to Heaven

Raphael's Sistine Madonna


English: St James' Church, stained glass window based upon Raphael's Sistine Madonna, Sydney, NSW, Australia. This version has been straightened and…