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A 573 cm × 397 cm (18 ft 10 in × 13 ft 0 in) Mosaic found in Libya in 1913 in the Villa Dar Buk Ammera. Four depictions of gladiators in the arena. The scenes in the piece show gladiators fighting other gladiators as well as fighting animals. The…

Pope Peter.jpg
Saint Peter as Pope—here shown with the pallium and the Keys to Heaven

English: St James' Church, stained glass window based upon Raphael's Sistine Madonna, Sydney, NSW, Australia. This version has been straightened and cropped from the original.

An image of the holy saints Perpetua and Felicitas during their martyrdom.

The kiss before Perpetua and Felicitas

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23.4.2010: Capella Arcivescovile (Archiepiscopal Chapel), Ravenna.

Bronze sestertius of Trajan.jpg
Bronze sestertius of Trajan

Gold aureus of Hadrian.jpg
HADRIANVS AVG.COS III.P.P, bust of emperor/GENIO P.R., Genius of Rome sacrificing over altar.

perpetua and felicitas arena.jpg
Amphitheatre at Carthage (Tunis, Tunisia)
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