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A 573 cm × 397 cm (18 ft 10 in × 13 ft 0 in) Mosaic found in Libya in 1913 in the Villa Dar Buk Ammera. Four depictions of gladiators in the arena. The scenes in the piece show gladiators fighting other gladiators as well as fighting animals. The…

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23.4.2010: Capella Arcivescovile (Archiepiscopal Chapel), Ravenna.

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"A Fresco from the Roman town of Pompeii in the Villa di Guilia Felice."

Mosaic artwork of St. Perpetual.

Mosaic depicting ancient Roman slaves serving a woman using the toilet

A mosaic of gladiators in combat with one speaking to a unarmored individual. The full mosaic is located in the town of Zliten, Libya. The creator of the mosaic is unknown.
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