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A photograph taken in 2004 of the ruins of the Tophet site in Carthage. This is the place where children were offered as sacrifices. Tophet can also refer to a place where the wicked are punished, i.e. hell.

A photograph, self-made in 2004, of the ruins of the Punic Quarter in the Byrsa hill, Carthage.

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"Carthage, Tunisia. American Army chaplains inspecting the ruins of the Roman arena where Christian martyrs were thrown to the lions. The altar later erected on the site had been used as a bivouac by German troops"

Ruinen von Karthago, eigenes Foto, selbst aufgenommen am 18. Mai 2005. (Description from

A photograph taken in 2006 by Bertrand Bouret of the amphitheatre in Carthag
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