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Roman Artifacts


Artifacts from the third century in which Perpetua and Felicitas lived

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A libellus from the Decian persecution in 250 AD, possibly found in Egypt in 1893.

Largitio dish of the Emperor Licinius
An ancient dish that was served to Emperor Licinius in honor of his tenth year in office as emperor.

Figure of Isis-Aphrodite
Isis-Aphrodite is a combination of the goddesses Isis and Aphrodite. She is garnished with a large crown, called a calathos, to emphasize her nudity and concern for marriage, childbirth, and rebirth.

Terracotta statuette of a gladiator
A statuette of a Roman gladiator, depicting typical gladiator attire.

A Roman Gold Coin
This picture shows the Empress Faustina II who was successful in creating gold coins that illustrate the appearances and outfits of Roman women.

Marble Relief with Female Gladiators
A marble relief carved of two women Gladiators, 'Amazon' and 'Achilia', . The emperor in AD 81-96 made women fight at night in torchlight.

Wing Brooch
This picture shows the brooch that the Roman women wore on shoulders for robes. This brooch was useful in making robes look delicate.

Gold aureus of Hadrian
HADRIANVS AVG.COS III.P.P, bust of emperor/GENIO P.R., Genius of Rome sacrificing over altar.

Bronze sestertius of Trajan
Bronze sestertius of Trajan
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